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Besides making our own films, at PEDAL we help other audiovisual filmmakers reach that final cut they’ve imaged for so long. We can help you in the following procedures:

  • Manage development processes and create production binders.
  • Investigate and search for protagonists in nonfiction projects.
  • Write and/or advise you in drafting the plot outline and script of your documentary project.
  • Make creative, technical, logistical and financial proposals of documentary and fiction projects.
  • Cost evaluation for projects and propositions of financial strategies for production and postproduction.
  • We help you create your own production and postproductions teams with professionals in the audiovisual creative world.
  • Registration of your project and what it entails.
  • Devising projection routes and strategies for national and international documentary, fiction and animation film festivals.


Our area of influence includes Spain, and from Barcelona, we try to promote Mexican and Latin-American cinema in Europe, especially the incredible documentaries that are being produced in that area.

We can help European universities, festivals, cultural centers and any other entity, to select and project great Latin-American films.