• Cronistas de lo infame

Original title: Cronistas de lo infame

English: Chroniclers of the infamous

Director: Alicia Calderón

Genre: Documentary series

Original language: Español

Subtitle: Inglés


Chroniclers of the infamous is a documentary series about nine renowned or anonymous journalists, writers, photographers and filmmakers that are telling the stories of violence related to organized crime in Mexico, Central America and the United States. These professionals have faced great dangers to document and reveal different faces of the so called “narco-wars” and the thousands of victims that has left.

Technical Sheet

Cronistas de lo infame |10 episodios| México | 2022|  Color | 25 min.|

PEDAL, Instituto Mexicano de Fotografía y Producciones P


Director: Alicia Calderón

Ejecutive Producers: Karla Uribe y Alicia Calderón

Writers: Alicia Calderón y José Miguel Tomasena

With the participation of 

Journalists, photographers and writers from Mexico, the United States and Europe.